About Us

The company consists of a number of customer-focused teams to ensure that each customer receives the depth of focus and breadth of its service to address the customer’s requirement. Each team is capable of selling and delivering the entire offering of the company. It offers single-point of responsibility to the customer from specification to project completion. Design functions and subject matter expertise are centralized in the Engineering division, which provides its support to all the teams/business units.

There are many of its customers, either having multiple facilities at different lifecycles or having engaged the company from construction to the building operation phases, who require all the different types of work to be done to their facilities from new installation during building construction, to maintenance, repairs and retrofit.

The company works with building owners, operators, consultants and contractors. It engages the customer in consultation to properly capture the requirement and tailor a solution for them. It is structured to handle integrated systems, critical and large system applications.

Our engineers posses significant experience in new installation to retrofit projects. Key staff members each has more than a decade of experience in engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of building systems.

The company invests heavily in developing its people and their skills. The staff members are motivated and score high on job satisfaction. This enables the company to focus its efforts on the customers, helping them to solve their problems and meet their requirement.

Its customer list is diverse from different sectors; offices, University campuses, Government facilities (prison, space centre, transportation), manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, data centres and meat processing plants.

The company posses all the necessary registrations/licenses from MoF, CIDB, PKK and Energy Commission to operate in the construction industry in Malaysia.