WSBJ Industries Sdn. Bhd. was formed in 2003 to provide systems and services to manage energy, comfort and protection in buildings and work spaces.

It consists of two main business divisions; Controls Division and Engineering & Construction Division.

The controls Division offers building controls, fire & life safety and protective security systems. Its service includes design, engineering, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of the systems throughout their life cycle. It is capable of providing design support, design review and value engineering to customers to optimize the design of the systems.

As a secondary offering, it delivers projects where the customers call for a single responsibility for all extra low voltage systems in a facility. In this case, for systems outside its core expertise, it works closely with suppliers and sub-contractors who understand the necessary standard and requirements. Its project management skill is critical in ensuring success of these multi-systems projects.

The Engineering & Construction Division provides MVAC and electrical installations contracting services and specialization for poultry and meat processing plants in terms of project management, design and build services for the construction of the plants.

Its key personnel are experienced and qualified with proven track records in the implementation of landmark projects. The company builds its strength at the fundamental level by developing a resilient organization in terms of knowledge, culture and alliances. Its vision is to continue serving the market with its skills and expertise, and keep growing the next 100 years.